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Five Disciplines of Management Quality and Ability —— Follow Me to Learn Management

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Teacher IntroductionProfessor of Central South University Business School, Engaged in management consulting, teaching and scientific research for more than 20 years. In recent years, Professor Xiong has presided over 20 projects including the National Natural Science Foundation of China (3 projects), the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Planning Fund, the National Research Fund for Returned Overseas Students, and published 9 textbooks including Management, Organizational Behavior, 100 Years of Management. The courses taught by Professor Xiong were rated as National Excellent Online Open Courses, Hunan Excellent Online Open Courses, Hunan Postgraduate Excellent Courses, and won the Fantastic Lesson of National University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, China Telecom TianYi FeiYOUNG Award (Teacher Category), SME Award (Teacher category) and many other rewards.

Course Introduction: Management is everywhere all the time. Our daily work and life are inseparable from effective management. This course takes the basic principles and methods of management as the main thread, and teaches the basic knowledge of management through real cases. The main contents are:

Course introduction: Understanding Management and Management Science;

The first discipline: Situation judgement and Scientific decision-making;

The second discipline: Positive attitude and Efficient execution;

The third discipline: Efficient organization and Excellent culture;

The fourth discipline: Staffing and Effective motivation;

The fifth discipline: Outstanding leadership and Reform and innovation.

Each knowledge point (video) is composed of three lectures: have a think, learn the lesson and have a try. The first is the have a think section, giving an actual case and a thinking question. Then there is the learn the lesson section, which systematically teaches relevant knowledge points, and analyzes the thinking question related to the case in the have a think section. Finally, there is the have a try section. After each knowledge point is taught, there will be a case analysis question with a certain degree of challenge, which will be discussed and published in exchange and discussion. Through the study of this course, students can not only master the basic principles and methods of management, but also improve their ability to analyze practical management problems, and reduce the inefficiency or errors caused by violation of the basic laws of management in actual work and life.

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